“Temple Isaiah Preschool is simply a phenomenal experience for young children. When you enter the school, it is bright and welcoming with staff present in the hallways greeting the children. The teachers and staff are caring, experienced, and give so much positive attention to each child. Our family is entering our sixth year with the preschool, with our youngest of 3 children currently attending. Jewish holidays and concepts are taught appropriately for each age, and the teachers make the activities creative and fun for the children. And because they learn through play, they are having fun and learning at the same time. We couldn’t imagine our kids being anywhere else!”

“We appreciate the personal attention given to each individual student and the nurturing environment that envelopes this school. Everyone, from the directors to the teachers and student teachers are tremendous at Temple Isaiah. The teachers are patient, fun, creative, knowledgeable, caring, respectful and have had a lot of experience with children. While they understand the importance of education they also stress throughout the program the importance of respect and kindness for all. They have mastered that important balance between creative play and an educational curriculum. My sons have grown and love to learn and explore the world around them many thanks to Temple Isaiah. They have gained invaluable character and personal traits along with a great foundation of learning for entering kindergarten. While our religious background is not Judaism, we were always made to feel welcome. The diversity offered our children in learning a different religion is priceless as the beauty of Judaism and its teachings complimented the education program at Temple Isaiah. Temple Isaiah is not just a school to us, for the past two years it has been more like an extended family that we feel overjoyed to have had the opportunity to send our children to and become a part of.”

“Our daughter, Nora, has had so much fun at Temple Isaiah Preschool this year that she even asks to go to school on Saturdays! As parents, we really feel that the 2’s program helps to smoothly and easily transition the students towards feeling at home in their first classroom environment. So much of what they learn — the songs, the lessons about sharing, and even the science of how caterpillars turn into butterflies — have become important elements repeated at home. We’ve watched Nora gain independence, learn how to better articulate her feelings, and make great friends this year. We can’t wait for the 3’s and 4’s, though she’ll miss her teachers from the 2’s dearly.”

“I love TIPS! My son loves school, he actually runs into school and can’t wait to get his school day started. This is the best preschool!”

“When our daughter was born we knew we wanted her to attend a Jewish preschool since we both had fond memories from our days at a Jewish preschool. Unfortunately, our synagogue does not have preschool, so we decided we would look at the three synagogue based preschools that were within a 20 miles radius of our home. Amy Snyder was the most welcoming of preschool directors!! The facilities are gorgeous, bright and engaging!! The toys were current and well maintained. Everyone who saw us on our tour day welcomed us to Temple Isaiah. It was a very friendly and inviting preschool tour, so no question we were going to send our daughter there!!

My friends were blown away to hear the teachers were coming to our house to meet my daughter before she started preschool. Morah Jen and Morah Ann immediately hit it off with our daughter. They played with her on the floor asking her questions about her toys and books. Our daughter eagerly showed them all her favorite things in our home. They took time to answer my questions and explain how the two years olds start on a progressive schedule starting out slow, so they can get acclimated to preschool. Our daughter was eager to start her first day at preschool!!

It soon became evident that our daughter was having trouble with transitions during preschool. They did all they could to help her and always gave me updates and suggestions of things I could try to help her. One day Morah Amy and Morah Barbara met with me and asked if they could bring in an Occupational Therapist to observe our daughter. The observation was done and further recommendations were made. Further evaluation has found our daughter is on the Autism Spectrum. Temple Isaiah Preschool continued to work with us so she could stay there and benefit from their wonderful curriculum.  We seriously doubt we would have had the same results at the other preschools we visited.

Our daughter had a wonderful time at Temple Isaiah Preschool’s summer camp! She was disappointed when it ended. We will definitely be sending her back for the entire summer.

We are so so very grateful we are at Temple Isaiah Preschool!! We highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high quality preschool experience!!”